Manuel K announces new Single “Live Without You (2014)”

Manuel K will release his third Single “Live Without You (2014)” on January 31, 2014. It is a stunning rock ballad and without any doubt Manuel K’s most sophisticated and best production yet.

Story behind the song
The first version of the song was released by Manuel K’s former project Rockcousins in 2009. Due to the fact that shortly after the release of “Live Without You” Rockcousins went separate ways, only a few people heard the song. Therefore Manuel K decided last year to release a totally new version of the song in 2014. As before Manuel K produced, recorded and played vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards and percussion loops at his home studio. Manuel K also has written the song with a little help from cousin and former Rockcousins member Raphael F who played bass. Kenny Aronoff played drums, one of the world’s most influential and in demand drummers. The drums were recorded at Uncommon Studios LA, USA by Nathan Staley. The song was mixed by internationally well-experienced sound engineer Delwyn Brooks in Vancouver BC, Canada. The mastering was done by Adam Ayan at renowned Gateway Mastering Studios Portland ME, USA.

New video for “Tonight”!

Manuel K performed his second single “Tonight” live acoustic at his parents’ home on Sunday, November 3, 2013 spontaneously. Manuel K added an improvised piano solo at the end of the song. No technical equipment was used, just the old piano of his childhood and his voice. Filmed on a Panasonic camcorder HC-V707 in full HD with build-in stereo microphones.

Check out the new video on Manuel K’s YouTube channel.

Manuel K on MuseBoat Radio today!

The single “Back to Guitars” will be introduced today (Sunday August 25th) in “TJ´s Muse Bridge LISTEN & CHAT” show at 10pm-London, 11pm-Berlin, 5pm-New York, 2pm-Las Vegas, 9am- Sydney, 7am-Tokyo, 7pm Rio de Janeiro on MuseBoat Radio (the show will be replayed every three hours).

And Manuel K’s songs will be placed to the 24/7 radio rotation!

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