Manuel K’s single “Live Without You (2014)” awarded!

Manuel K’s current single “Live Without You (2014)” (Songwriters: Manuel K and Raphael F) received the ‘Runner Up‘ placement in the “Song of the Year” songwriting contest! The ‘Runner Up’ placement shows that the song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement.

Download the song on iTunes. Thanks for the support!

Manuel K’s music chosen for spins on Backstage Vibe!

Manuel K’s music has been chosen for spins on the Backstage Vibe family of radio shows! Already this week “Live Without You (2014)” can be heard during the Backstage Vibe Show on Max Ink Radio, and on the syndicated shows on UNIR1 Radio and WROM Radio, with a combined total daily listenership of over 1 million. Manuel K’s music will continue to be in rotation for the next weeks!