The new single “The Way of Life” out now

Indie Rock Meets Country, Folk, & Gospel

On May 31, 2020, Manuel K releases his sixth single “The Way of Life.”

Manuel K on “The Way of Life”: “Along with rock music I also love country music very much. Therefore – for this new release – I was looking for a song with elements of country and folk as well. While I was browsing through my songbook, I remembered a song called ‘The Way of Life.’ I wrote the first draft years ago when I was 18-years-old. Back then, it was a simple folk-rock song that has never been released so far. This song was exactly what I wanted. I rearranged and completed the song in April 2020. I recorded vocals, backing vocals, rock organ and my guitar parts in my beloved home studio. And as I mentioned, I wanted more country in it – I call it the “Nashville sound”. For that reason, I worked with three of the best Nashville session players: Lonnie Wilson on drums and percussion, Mike Brignardello on bass, and Brent Mason on electric lead guitar. With two of them, I had already worked on my fourth single ‘Follow You’. The new single ‘The Way of Life’ was mixed by Joe Carrell and mastered by Adam Ayan. Both also absolute professionals.”

Manuel K releases Tonight [Instrumental]

Singer-Songwriter Presents An Instrumental Version of His Self-Written Single

On November 1, 2019 Manuel K releases a special instrumental version of his self-written song “Tonight”.

“Finally, it is here – more than five years after the release of the vocal version. Because of the emotional and huge arrangement I always thought about an instrumental version of ‘Tonight’. Therefore I recorded and added additional instruments and spent several hours over a number of days mixing the track in my beloved home studio to get the best instrumental mix as possible. I’m happy, curious and full of anticipation – can’t wait to hear what people think“, Manuel K says – of his new instrumental single that was mastered by Greg Reely at The Green Jacket in Canada.